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I have the great privilege of having been a founding member of EGI and having been present when its principles and vision emerged. The inception of this auspicious network coincided with major changes and a job transition for me, and the early gatherings of EGI shepherded me into what would be a significant life chapter. During this chapter, my experiences as a member of EGI – building bridges between worlds, seeking to live according to my personal values, listening to dreams and visions for guidance – continued to deepen and vibrantly enrich my life. This was, though, a period that did not afford me time and focus to remain closely involved with EGI, and, for many years my participation has been largely peripheral. I now find myself at another juncture, another transformational moment – one that leads me back into the EGI Community. Even while a bit on the outside for the past few years, I have drawn on the enthusiasm and growing presence of EGI for inspiration and hope. I look forward to stepping closer to the warmth of this community’s brightly burning flame.

I am a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience working in public companies, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, government entities and public relations agencies. Most of my career has been in the area of international communications, leading teams in dozens of countries around the world and helping to build bridges on many levels – cultural, linguistic, and personal, to name a few. And, I am a spiritual warrior, deeply committed to cultivating my inner life and light, and to encouraging others to do the same. I invite courageous explorations into and dialogue about faith in general and Christianity in particular. I am also an ontological coach, Kripalu-trained yoga teacher, and dream reader. My offers currently fall into these two overarching realms. As a professional communicator, I have strong expertise in writing, message development, cross-cultural communications, crisis management, and strategic thinking. In the domain of the spiritual warrior, I use compassion, insight and humor to inspire others to reach new heights – and depths – through conversation, coaching, yoga and dreaming. My path as a member of EGI is drawing me closer to the emergence of an offering that sits at the point where these two domains beautifully and naturally intersect. I am a firm believer in the power of transformation and seek to support individuals and organizations as they open to new inquiries and tap their divine wisdom.

I aim to live life in all its fullness. I have been richly blessed in myriad ways, and, with heartfelt gratitude, I consciously seek to experience life as a series of miracles. I was born in America to a Cuban father and a Swedish-American mother, and I am now married to a Swiss man who I met in Chile. I grew up in the 70s and 80s in a Connecticut coastal town just over 60 miles from New York City. I received an exceptional liberal arts education, which included a semester of study in Sevilla, Spain, and I graduated with a major in English and a minor in Spanish. I am fluent in spoken and written Spanish. From the time I was a child, I have possessed a natural agility to walk the fine line between worlds – between a Latin father and a Yankee mother; between more sedate, affluent suburbia and raucous, gritty NYC; between values of hard work and my heart’s longing to cavort with my poetic muse. Dancing between these worlds, I cultivated a curiosity that has led to continual learning. I have traveled extensively, lived abroad, and continue to pursue a dynamic career in PR and communications. I became a spiritual pilgrim when I walked the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, and I joined the many “pilgrims on the path of love” when I became a Kripalu yoga teacher. My training with Newfield Network as an ontological coach opened up worlds upon worlds for me, and I have continued to explore them through such meaningful programs as Kimberly Hunn’s “Transitions.” Through the countless relationships and experiences that have blessed my journey, I have cultivated a sensitivity to the challenges of our time and a deep desire to be of service. In the past few years, I have led two homegrown initiatives to make a difference. One allowed my husband and me to start a small and informal trust to help kids in Bukoba, Tanzania, pay their school fees, and to fund the building of two toilet facilities at a school in India. The other, around the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11, led to donations of some $10,000 for worldwide causes. A long string of miracles has led me to this very moment. With gratitude and humility, my heart is uplifted in the knowing that I will continue to dance in different worlds and the miracles will continue to unfold.


Corporate Executive

Jennnifer Wasmer is a communications professional with 20 years of experience working in public companies, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, government entities and public relations agencies. Jennifer is currently director of Services PR for Xerox Corporation. She previously served as head of International Communications for Xerox, where she oversaw the company’s public relations and internal communications strategies and execution for Western Europe and developing markets.

Jennifer also worked for the global PR agency Burson-Marsteller in NYC and Miami; the New York City Economic Development Corporation; and the Stamford (Conn.) Chamber of Commerce. In the seven years during which she ran DaySpring Communications, her own consultancy, her clients hailed from such sectors as technology, banking and economic development. She also has provided communications counsel to non-profit organizations, including the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Jennifer is a certified Kritpalu yoga teacher and accredited as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation. She is fluent in Spanish and passionate about Latin America. She received her B.A. magna cum laude from Georgetown University. She has served on parish councils at Saint Peter’s Church in NYC and Saint John’s of Notting Hill in London. She also was Treasurer of Saint Peter’s.


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Jennifer Wasmer

61 Crescent Street, #5, Northampton, Mass. 01060



Telephone: +1 203 522 1699

Jennifer speaks in English and Spanish


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