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The members of our community have many faces but we all share a belief that our lives can inspire hope, creativity and integrity as long as we stay true to who we are. I have been touched by the courage of so many people who have taken big risks in their lives to follow something they believe in. It has given me the energy to always stay on the edge of my own comfort zone and challenge the world views that no longer serve us. The story of the EGI is to reach into one’s own imagination about what is possible and to draw from the inner strength and the richness of one’s experience to promote a greater understanding of our place within a moment in time.

The vision of EGI is to bring people together to recognize our commonalities, to find comfort in being different, to inspire each other to walk the edge, to test the boundaries of what we know and share what is learned for collective good. Diversity has always been the thread that inspires my work. It is the integration of many cultural traditions, philosophical perspectives and areas of study that have led to the creation of The Transition and our annual EGI Summits. We have explored new economic models, self-organizing principles, the impact of technology on society, the power of intuition and nature as a place of inspiration. After years of experimentation and countless discussions about what is possible, the people who have joined EGI are truly modeling a pioneering spirit, staying true to themselves and their calling. What I hope to bring to their lives, and those that are to follow, is a space of inquiry, discovery and design that connects us to the infinite possibility within each one of us.

My history is connected to the old American dream, when racism and war in the 1960s was met with hope and an intention to build a better future together. I have been driven by an unyielding passion for equal opportunity and a respect for the differences that enrich any living system. At times, this begins with one person believing in another. I have dedicated my professional life to reflecting back the beauty of what I see and empowering people to take bold steps into a chosen future. Personally, I have raised two children of Peruvian-American ancestry and our international family makes it possible to be at home in many different places on earth. Although I speak English and Spanish I think my greatest proficiency is in what my mother calls speaking “people.”


Founder of EGI

Kimberly Hunn is a Master Certified Coach, dialogue facilitator and entrepreneur with experience in the design and delivery of innovative learning systems and cultural change initiatives. She has served as a senior mentor coach with a leading international coach training organization for twenty years and has developed collaborative projects on leadership and organizational architecture in the United States, Chile, Spain, Switzerland, UK, France, Dubai and Turkey.

Currently, Kimberly is developing sustainable business practices with her clients to adapt more successfully to a changing economic climate while preserving strong and cohesive relationships within an organizational framework. Her work is innovative, bold and engaging.


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Kimberly Hunn


Telephone: +34 971 236 498 / Mob. +34 630 920 422


Kimberly speaks English and Spanish

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