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Having participated in the Summit, I have been impacted by the care taken in the relationships, the context of trust and lightness and the collective learning based on the great cumulative experience of the participants. I was touched deeply by the diversity of the knowledge and experiences of the participants. I was also moved by the generosity of people that put all of their knowing in service to the growth of the group and each one us individually. Thanks to this I have been able to be part of the creation of collaborative projects of high impact and performance.

To be a member of EGI means to have a context, pretext and text to be in a flow that maintains greatness and abundance. I feel a part of a community interested in relationships before processes, understanding that all processes are based on good, satisfying relationships that take a natural rhythm, according to the ecology of each being.

I have a deep aspiration to contribute to people who want to learn to build healthy relationships and take care of themselves and their environment; in the course of daily life or in situations of crisis; in personal spaces or in organizations. On the one hand relaxed and also … In this way, I want to offer the wisdom of my roots, my experience in the arts, psychotherapy, coaching and my new learning in Qigong.

As I grow into this aspiration, I take responsibility for the concerns of leaders and private clients that wish to continue learning how to sustain high performance organizations (companies, families, relationships) developing their personality and competence. I am also involved in facilitating possibilities to sustain productivity focused on a common well-being. To do this, I count on various years of experience working with the German government, as well as an independent professional as a psychotherapist, coach and trainer in organizations.

I discovered my passion for people and service in Paraguay, where I began my education as a psychologist, later culminating in Germany. In this way, I followed my path into coaching and psychotherapy. Presently I find myself learning more about physical, mental and spiritual health through Qigong.

My origin, in the capital Asuncion of Paraguay in the 80s with decades of dictatorship and a lot of social, economic and political insecurity, gave me the gift of living and growing up in a place where family ties and community represented the only security and where education was an expensive privilege. This showed me the great value of good and loving relationships, to feel sure and confident inside even with external uncertainty, as well as the value of a solid and constant education. And all of this, in a light and positive framework, drinking cold terere (tea) with a group of family and friends, telling jokes in Guarani under the shade of a large mango tree.





The full CV is too extensive to be inserted in this section. To know about Liza Bogado main and sideline activities, education, development and personal information, you are welcome to open and download the complete CV right below.

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Liza Bogado


Telephone: +49 0162 10 22 6 44

Liza speaks fluent Spanish and German and also a little English

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