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In my process of The Transition Programme, I have experienced the connection with each fundamental area of my life. I have allowed myself to connect with the most essential, with what I already knew and did not practice, and with what I didn’t know and practiced without being aware of it. My attention on these things has filled my life again. I have become aware of the time necessary to go from one moment to another in life and the rhythms that I need to be present. It has served me to explore the dance of flow, awareness and connection. It has been a gift that I decided to savor and I appreciate the moment I let me intuition take me. It has been a time for me to converse, to let myself be accompanied, and to continue on my path. The philosophy that this community irradiates awakens my curiosity and the desire to be part of it. Although I have not yet participated in any event, I have spent a lot of time reading and listening about the EGI community and I feel it is aligned with my wishes and dreams.

What I offer in this moment of my life is my passion for movement and learning. From this place, I inspire myself and others. From here, a dream is born to accompany processes of personal and professional development, to open doors to the ease of learning, and connecting to the wisdom of the body and of emotions. I want to contribute, with movement, to the systems where I can design processes of change that explore our connection with the essential and relational being. My support is directed currently to coaching professionals, to accompanying them to strengthen the muscle of the apprentice, and develop abilities that permit them to move from change to transformation. The experience of my body in movement has become a doorway for all those that wish to explore a new meaning of learning. From the body, we experience emotions and they take us to reflection and cognition.

My experience in movement was born when I was very young. I passed through many facets where body and movement were essential to my learning. I studied physical education and health and explored new and different forms of entering and returning to the body I inhabit. Since I can remember, I have been connected to movement, unregulated physical practice has nourished me all my life. The words education, values, creativity, development, learning, enjoyment, ease, freedom, initiative, and challenge have all formed part of my dance personally and professionally. I remember inventing new ways of doing things, new steps to be taken, infinite forms of recreating life. Passion is my activator. My Andalusian roots, in the south of Spain, has taught me to enjoy the spark in everything that happens to me. I have traveled the world connecting to opportunity and enjoyment, I have risked everything I have financially and in time, energy, relationships…educating myself and educating others because I believe education has no boundaries. My entire professional trajectory has, at its core, the body, movement and learning processes. Wherever I look, I see myself seeking the easiest way to show and accompany what is difficult by bringing the enjoyment of learning.


Physical and emotional processes Facilitator and Certified Systemic Coach

As a sports trainer for Ritmica Gym, professor of body expression in courses, process facilitator, energizer of groups, physical therapist, personal and team coach, in each of these facets I find myself facilitating, enjoying, playing, generating. If I show my album of memories, I see myself offering my skills, abilities, and knowledge to different age groups, different cultures, small groups, big groups, on the street, in nature, in sports arenas, in classrooms, in meeting rooms with companies and diverse collectives. With special needs groups and young people designing their life’s path.

The places where I have passed, the groups with whom I have worked, the people I have known, have all formed the woman I am. They have helped me define myself as a professional and as a person. And, in this facet of my life, where I show myself to the world I define myself as facilitator, explorer and energizer of transformational process. At this moment, I am process facilitator in international programs like Body and Movement (USA) and Movimiento Transformacional (Spain) and in advanced programs in body and emotions for professionals in human development.


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 María Jesus Zea Montero CV


Maria Jesus

María Jesús Zea Montero


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