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Coaching for the Global Professional training program was my first experience with EGI. The holistic approach of EGI community is at the core of my beliefs and values. I’m proud to be a member of this community and go beyond my boundaries, to be creative, to follow my passion and inspire others to join.

Harmony and peace are the best way to describe my intention and my contribution to the world. Global citizens are in continuous movement around the world, seeking and exploring new opportunities for personal and professional growth. When they move around they don’t only carry their passports and visas but also their own values, beliefs and traditions. Their lives are on the edge when they challenge their own assessments and beliefs. What is at stake is when they hold them as the ultimate truth. I feel the need and urgency to take responsibility and address their needs, concerns and challenges.

Based on my own personal and professional experience as a global citizen, I have worked with my colleague Kimberly Hunn to design a special program named Becoming a Global Citizen to help them create a meaningful lifestyle.

My latest news is establishing a new business, Ewest Connect, to support Arab families moving to the western countries and other global citizens who are moving to the Middle East and North Africa.

I like to challenge myself. It sounds scary but together with faith, clear vision and hard work we can turn the bitter drops of sweat into the sweet taste of success. I’m proud to say that my recent ontological coaching study contributed in shaping my new identity and I want to contribute in other people’s journey to crack the walls of limitation, to expand and to go beyond their own boundaries.

I belong to the eastern culture, a native Arabic speaker from the pharaohs’ mother-land, Egypt. I reside in the UK and speak fluent English.


Ontological Coach

She works as a cross cultural coach. In her role I am conducting one-one or group coaching sessions with various clients: both corporate, as well as private. Her aim is not only to enhance and develop clients’ skills but also produce an ontological shift: to acknowledge the narrowness and limitation of the “self” and expand that “self” beyond its boundaries, beyond the possibilities available through the clients’ own intervention.



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 Rehab Abbas CV 


Rehab Abbas


Telephone: +44 7774 326820


Rehab speaks Arabic (mother tongue) and English

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