Gap Lab

A New View of Conversation

Offered by Martine George and Kimberly Hunn



What is it?

GAP LAB is an in-company learning journey to create the conditions necessary for a company in transition to better position itself when it has reached a critical pivot point.

To build a robust ecosystem, we map the network of conversations that define and drive your company to build awareness that conversational proficiency is a fundamental professional competence.


The Benefits

For companies interested in taking their business to the next level, Gap Lab helps clients shift the nature and quality of conversations to promote a more vibrant and agile business climate.

This conversational mastery develops collaborative capital as a distinct source of competitive advantage and enthusiasm for excellence in the workplace.


Our Service

We begin the learning journey with a one-day engagement to identify the conversational patterns and common “blind spots” in the daily business operations.

Together, we design core business practices that will develop conversational leadership within the entire organization. Supported by our coaching facilitation, pilot groups are created within each department or function to strengthen their ability to communicate, innovate and execute the next strategic step forward.


We blend different methodologies for maximum impact and integration in the formation of a new business cultural. They include ontological coaching, appreciative inquiry, process communication, values alignment, and world cafe facilitation


It is our pleasure to explore how our customized workshops can inspire creativity and enthusiasm in your organization.

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