El Camino de la Tramuntana


EGI in Mallorca
April 21-28, 2018

Offered by Step Martinez Canals and Kimberly Hunn 




El Camino de la Tramuntana is an invitation to connect to your own true nature and reflect upon what you need most in this time to strengthen your gifts.

Unlike traditional retreats, El Camino de la Tramuntana is a seven-day journey of discovery. We will experience the land and the people of Mallorca. We will challenge ourselves and draw from the sources of energy around us like friendship and beauty.

When we walk, life becomes richer, reminding us of our place within a timeless evolutionary drift. Without judgment or expectation, we open ourselves to the potential of the moment and listen to life´s unfolding story.

Throughout our journey, regenerative principles will be introduced to question our attitudes and suppositions about the world we live in and what we hope to achieve. Our intention is to offer you an opportunity to embrace a deeper sense of the unique contributions you can make.


El Camino de la Tramuntana was conceived by walking it ourselves and we have selected paths that are both challenging and accessible to people with moderate physical endurance. This is not an athletic endeavor but it will require stamina and strength.

Each day will consist of 3-5 hours of walking mountainous terrain with varying levels of altitude. We will follow the Gr221 or Dry Stone Route in Mallorca which includes ancient foot paths with dry stone walls, cliffs and mountain gorges. The forests are composed of Allepo pines and Holm oaks and there will are many terraced areas of olive and citrus groves that appear near mountain villages.

All the paths have been chosen for morning walks of 3-5 hours (9:30-13:30) and may be changed if necessary to adapt to current conditions. Lunch is followed by quiet time to rest, explore and spend time together. Daily group conversations will be generated by the experience itself. In the evenings we will enjoy local cuisine and the spectacular colors that radiate off the mountains during sunset.


Saturday, April 21

We welcome you to Andratx for an arrival dinner to meet the group and get a taste of what is to come.

Sunday, April 22

From our Base Camp in Andratx, we will introduce you to the structure of our walk and the regenerative principles that will guide us. We will also go over the essential things you will need to begin El Camino.

A warm up walk to test the basics, backpack, shoes and conditioning will take us from Port Andratx to St Elm, hugging the southwest corner of Mallorca with sweeping views of the sea and the island of Dragonera.

Estimated  time: 3 hours

Monday, April 23 / Estellencs to Banyalbufar

We leave base camp and enter the Tramuntana mountains to begin our journey northward. We continue the path with a lighter walk along the coastal GR221 route, taking us from village to village along the terraced farms facing westward.

Estimated  time: 3 hours

Tuesday, April 24 / Banyalbufar to Esporles

Moving from the sea to the interior of the Tramuntana, we continue on magical stone path toward the town of Esporles. There we find beautiful architecture from the past three centuries with Arabic tiling and a vibrant village life.

Estimated  time: 3 hours

Wednesday, April 25 / Esporles to Valldemossa

Ascending to the Pla de L´Aljub, we return to higher ground where views of the valley and the sea below give us a bird´s eye view of the Valldemossa coastline. This hike requires more of us than in previous days and is well worth the effort.

Estimated  time: 4 hours

Thursday, April 26 / Valldemossa to Deia

This part of the journey is pure mountain range, slowly climbing upwards to a breathtaking peak of 945 meters called Es Caragoli. The sea views are spectacular walking along the ridge of Congles de Son Rullan and downward into the oak forest below.

Estimated  time: 4 hours

Friday, April 27 / Deia to Soller

On our last part of the journey, the path is easier and will give us time to meander through the private properties and low mountains areas as we make our way into Port Soller. There we will have an opportunity to make our way to a family-owned olive farm, Cas Bernats.

Estimated  time: 4 hours

Saturday, April 28

Morning rise and breakfast together in the hills overlooking Port Soller. Closing celebration and departure from Cas Bernats. Transportation to the airport or other destinations on the island will be self-organized.

Prices and booking

Accommodations will be local hostels and Agriturismo residences with shared rooms, private baths and breakfast. Along the trails we will enjoy a light picnic before arriving to the next village. Lunch and dinner will be in local restaurants in each village.


Accommodations, meals and activities are included in the fee of 1.200 € per person.


For any consult or request about this service, please contact Kimberly Hunn at kimberly@edgewalkergroup.com


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