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Rehab Abbas and Kimberly Hunn


What is a Global Citizen and why is it important to cultivate the qualities of this kind unique inhabitant of our planet?

Becoming a Global Citizen is the natural process of becoming aware of the world around us and feeling a desire to contribute to the conditions for life in some way.

The transformation one goes through to become a Global Citizen is not by travel alone but by a journey into the heart of our human story. It is the unfolding of a perspective that we are all part of the same family and it is in our best interest to find ways of live peacefully and cooperatively with one another.

Since the beginning of time, people have moved around the world, discovering, conquering, fleeing in search of a better life or new perspective. Today, not much has changed except the scope. Many more people are living a succession of cultural and geographical experiences and this movement has produced a highly-adaptive, culturally-sensitive Global Citizen.

We believe that respectful human interaction begins with the people we live and work with every day. It is in the small and powerful gestures we make that our presence is felt and our intentions to promote open-mindedness and curiosity to solve the larger challenges of our time.

Our Approach

Becoming a Global Citizen offers customized workshops and programmes designed for academic professionals, students and entrepreneurs that are interested in developing their capacity to integrate their cross-cultural experience with a desire to make a constructive impact on business and society.

The most important feature of our work is building trust and recognizing that there are predictable patterns all people move through when faced with change and cultural diversity.

When we are able to observe and name the issues that keep us from living and working more productively together, we are able to unravel the specific conversations and attitudes that best support understanding and creative collaboration.

We do this by identifying specific phases experienced while working or studying in an multicultural environment to show that already acquired knowledge and skills can be applied to achieve a deeper understanding of human dynamics and authentic communication.

We use a universal language to support generative relationships that preserve the integrity of cultural diversity while strengthening individual passion. We facilitate reflection on the values that define all human beings in their quest for a good life and how to make clear, bold choices that express each person’s unique contribution to the world we live in.


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To receive more information about our workshops or a customized proposal for your school or business, please contact Rehab or Kimberly for more information. It will be our pleasure to explore what Becoming a Global Citizen can offer you.

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