Integrating Chaos and Structure

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Creating new forms of structure and organising principles in the midst of chaos is a part of the new leadership challenge.

Offered by
Sami Bugay and Kimberly Hunn


To successfully achieve balance, leaders today are learning how to promote creative synergy and financial sustainability while preserving the integrity of their business culture.

We offer you an opportunity to accept changing conditions as a natural process of innovation and identify adaptive stabilizing forces that will support the prosperity of your organization.

We engage with your leadership and teams to transform chaos and unpredictable factors into a creative force for change. Once this is achieved, new structure is built to support the innovative ideas generated by members of your organization. We follow you through the implementation phase and revisit the next moment of chaos to initiate the next cycle of integration. Our aim is that your organization gains the confidence and competence to manage chaos as a natural part of business development.

The Design

This is an interactive experience that will give you an opportunity to integrate the value of chaos and structure into your business model and executive coaching will be available following the initial engagement to support you in the application what is learned.

To begin, we

• Explore what is happening in your organisation that causes disruption and loss of productivity

• Generate actions that will support the integration of chaos and structure in your organisation

• Identify individual actions that contribute to a shift in the organisational culture

• Adapt and strengthen the capacity for leadership to respond to a dynamic environment

Part One: Chaos

• Legitimize chaos and structure
• Access the value of these dynamic energies

• Channel creative process towards integration

• Adaptation of physical and emotional space

Part Two: Structure

• Alignment of individual, team, organizational action

• Integration and collective intelligence

• Brainstorming session for innovation, strategic response

• Individual action plan for implementation and clarification of roles


What can we do for you?

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