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I was part of the original founding team back in 2006, and have with great joy and respect seen Kimberly taking EGI to many new levels since. This was and still is one of my favorite communities, supporting my own journey. It was always touching to witness from close and afar how new members of EGI are showing up, attracted by often synchronistic and sometimes mysterious connections and networks. I always felt that we are all “a knot in the net”!

I am exploring what it means to authentically live in “the second half of life”, taking on the role of Elder and Trusted Adviser. Focussing more on being than doing, with presence and acting more from wisdom and intuition than strength and ambition. An important contribution of Elders in all communities are “blessings”, which are mostly missing in modern business and organizational life.

I still deliver a variety of services and transformational tools, but achievement has become less important over the years, and my new personal frontiers are more internal than external. I am very fond of values alignment and culture change, somatic awareness, spiral dynamics, integral thinking and some other developmental methodologies.

My own spiritual practice, years of powerful men’s work and studies of contemporary non-dual teachings are the foundations of my current being in the world.

I have decades of practical experience in international business, project development and facilitation of various team processes. Having met Kimberly in the earlier days of Newfield’s ontological coach training, I am still passionate about including the philosophical and evolutionary exploration of the human condition, and some of the emerging, radical insights about “what the bleep is going on”.

As one of my recent teachers claims: “Creating context is everything, otherwise it’s just exchanging verbal opinions”. I am proud to still be a curious and humble learner on the leading edge, where nothing is impossible to begin with, and the only moment it’s ever happening is here and now.

I am born Swiss, lived and worked in several European countries and am now based with my wife in Western Massachusetts, USA, one of the most sustainable and progressive areas of North America. I am constantly building bridges between languages, cultures, perspectives and realities.


Coach and Mentor

Urs Winzenried is a Professional Coach, Facilitator and Mentor who is supporting his clients as they walk between the many different worlds encountered at work, in relationships, and in various cultures. He studied law and economics in Berne, Switzerland. After some years living in Australia, gaining more personal and professional experience, he returned to Europe to work for over 15 years in various management functions in the Swiss-based family business (packaging, printing inks, real estate and construction).

Later he became more interested in Personal and Leadership Coaching, Values Thinking and Human Potential, while still being involved in various non-profit projects and initiatives and serving as a non-executive Board Member of several companies. He has an unusually wide experience of businesses, organizations and projects, both from the inside and outside, and considers his rich and diverse biography as his major asset for his work with individuals and teams across Europe and North America.

Urs has completed extensive coach training in various locations and methodologies. These include solution-focused Team Coaching in Switzerland; “Co-active Coaching” in the UK; and “Ontological Coaching”, for which he was certified by The Newfield Network, USA. His work is based on individual, values-driven innovations styles, which are guiding his clients through complex and changing environments, being able to successfully walking across bridges between cultures and different perspectives, between task-oriented capabilities and more reflective capacities guided from within. He firmly believes in the power of living one’s core values and creating a competitive advantage through more meaning at work with an effective contribution to the greater whole.




Urs Winzenried

Email: uw-coach@bluewin.ch

Web: www.uwincoach.com   /   www.dayspringcommunications.net

Urs speaks fluent English, German and French. Also Italian and a little Spanish



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