EGI in London



EGI in London

Offered by Ines Mazarrasa and Kimberly Hunn

It is our nature to live in uncertainty and adapt to shifting conditions. We all have the capacity to be resilient when faced with extraordinary change. What we haven’t cultivated is an awareness and ability to be in relationship with the unknown and align our body, mind and spirit with new realities. Our presence in times of uncertainty is vital to the way we navigate through it. Perspective, engagement, courage and trust are our companions along the journey.

This one-day workshop was an opportunity to take a journey into the unknown, using our own story as a compass. We practiced the skills needed to trust our instincts and listen to our inner voice. Through facilitated dialogue, somatic learning and creative design process, we learned to become more comfortable with what is beyond your control and more energized to live with uncertainty as a necessary part of advancement and sustainable development.


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